In this episode of about time, the Chronos Consult podcast, Matt talks to Clare Reed of EMW law about the advantages and disadvantages of adjudication, expert witnesses, and what a busy construction solicitor does to relax.

The pair look at the nature of adjudication, and the ‘smash and grab’ culture. They chat about the quality of adjudicators and the downfalls (and advantages) of the system as it stands. 

Matt asks Clare about experts and their selection. They chat about the ‘dark arts’ view of delay analysis and how to write an expert report, as well as how solicitors can help experts when they appoint them to help resolve construction disputes in adjudication. 

We also learn what Clare and Matt do in their spare time and the charity EMW are supporting this year. Also whether adjudication is (or has become) more complex than it ought to have. Finally, there’s a look at tactics and techniques for ADR, Mediation and trends in recent months / the past year. 

To find out more about Clare, take a look at the EMW Law website.  

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