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Chronos - An Introduction
24th Oct 2022

October Events at Chronos

As well as the forthcoming talk with the CIOB, which features Nigel and a number of expert speakers, members of the Chronos team will be out and about this week attending a number of events.…
Delay - London Seminar
12th Oct 2022

London: Delay and Disputes with CIOB

Nigel Clifford will be joining a lineup of construction and law experts with the CIOB in London on 26th October. The team will be taking a look at how to deal with delays in construction,…
Extreme Weather - Wildfires.
30th Aug 2022

Extreme Weather: Tim Marlow Writes for CN

Founder and Director, Tim Marlow has written an article in the latest Construction News, looking at how to deal with extreme weather. The recent heatwave in the UK has brought climate change to the fore.…
Brighton - Student Outreach and Support
18th Jul 2022

Nigel Clifford: Brighton Student Outreach

University of Brighton - Civil Engineering Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Nigel Clifford has been involved with the University of Brighton since 2012. His work with the University arose from his aspiration to “put something back” into…
Justice - Construction Delay Experts in adjudication
20th Jun 2022

Adjudication Podcast: Clare Reed

In this episode of about time, the Chronos Consult podcast, Matt talks to Clare Reed of EMW law about the advantages and disadvantages of adjudication, expert witnesses, and what a busy construction solicitor does to…
Contracts JCT and NEC
18th May 2022

Programmes, Contracts, Extensions of Time

At Chronos, our appointment is often after the occurrence of a project delay, and often after certification of practical completion. This is often where two parties are either in dispute already or heading in that…
24th Mar 2022

About Time – The Chronos Podcast

In a new initiative we're launching a podcast. The aim will be to provide you with occasional interesting discussions from industry experts and legal minds. In this first episode, Matt chats to Jessica Stephens QC…
Delay in 2021
1st Feb 2022

Delay in the Past 12 Months

As you might expect, being experts in construction delay, we are always looking out for developments and changes in the law relating to our work. However, 2021 was a relatively quiet year in the world…
Chronos - An Introduction
12th Jan 2022

Chronos Consult An Introduction

Last year we sponsored the UK Adjudicators conference in London. For the event we created this little video which gives an outline of the services and help you can expect from Chronos Consult. If you…
Delay - London Seminar
29th Oct 2021

Video: As Planned -v- As Built

There are many different methods of analysis for delay in construction projects. All have their own advantages and disadvantages and are implemented depending upon a number of factors. For a very detailed assessment of various…
Chronos Team Culture
21st Sep 2021

Our Culture at Chronos

We try to stay away from buzzwords and management speak at Chronos. If you take a look around our website, you won’t find our ‘mission or vision’, ‘philosophy’ or ‘values’. And although that’s how we…
Construction Manager - Residential Construction dispute
24th Aug 2021

Cartwright Pond v Louise Wild – Article in Construction Manager

Matt has had an article published in Construction Manager magazine. The article examines a case of a residential project in which the client seemingly failed to take advice with regard to contract administration and management…
London conference
27th Jul 2021

Chronos Sponsoring UK Adjudicators Conference

Chronos will be sponsoring this year's UK Adjudicators conference which takes place in London and online. The day features some outstanding expertise from the world of construction and law with barristers and solicitors presenting on…
Tim Marlow Cycling CHarity
14th Jun 2021

Tim’s Coast to Coast Challenge

On the last weekend of June 2021, founder and director, Tim Marlow embarked on a coast-to-coast charity bike ride to raise money for the Debbie Hudson Cancer Wellness Support Group. The journey saw him riding with…
construction programme monitoring
15th Mar 2021

Chronos + Acumen Fuse = Time Saved

Investing in Efficiency Delay analysis is often an expensive and labour-intensive process, requiring a lot of manual effort. However, there are things that can be done to reduce that labour-intensive process and reduce the cost to…