Expert Witness Services

Chronos Consult accepts expert appointments on matters of delay, scheduling and project planning. Chronos help you reach satisfactory resolution of disputes through impartial expert opinion evidence and advice. 

Construction projects often suffer from delays due to a wide variety of reasons, which can have severe financial impacts on the project.  As a result, delay claims may arise. The analysis of the causes and effects of delay, is one of the most complicated types of claim analysis.

Expert witness appointments can be on behalf of one of the parties, as a single joint expert or court or tribunal appointed. 

Expert Witness appointments arise in a number of ways.

Most commonly, an expert may be instructed by one of the parties in a dispute. They may be instructed as an agreed single-joint expert, by both parties. Or, an expert may be appointed by a court or tribunal to opine on technical matters in a dispute.

The Chronos team are experienced in the provision of all types of expert evidence.

Expert appointments typically relate to matters in adjudication, litigation, arbitration, mediation or other forms of dispute resolution.

Written reports to the court, tribunal or individual deciding the matter being examined, are prepared and submitted. Following submission oral evidence may be given.

Independence & Impartiality

Experts are subject to proceedings and must maintain their impartiality at all times as required by The Civil Procedure Rules. The expert’s primary duty is to the court or tribunal rather than the party paying the expert’s fees. Instructions are generally issued by solicitors on behalf of one or more of the parties to the expert.

Chronos experts all appreciate fully that our role is to provide independent, objective assistance to the tribunal and parties on matters within our expertise.

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