Founder and Director, Tim Marlow has written an article in the latest Construction News, looking at how to deal with extreme weather. The recent heatwave in the UK has brought climate change to the fore. Extreme weather events around the world are clearly becoming more and more regular occurrences. But what should you do to tackle them contractually? How should you address the issues around delay and disruption?

Challenges Facing the Industry from Extreme Weather

Tim’s article examines the many challenges that the climate crisis is likely to bring to the construction industry and what steps people need to take when addressing or assessing claims for extensions of time. The article looks at some of the tools available to help you ensure you don’t miss out on possible entitlement to time. It also addresses some of the key concerns folk may have when assessing claims or preparing them.

The article is exclusive to Construction News, so you’ll find it online on their website. Here’s a little insight from the opening paragraph:

…the UK saw its hottest temperature ever, with an official high of 40.3o. The Meteorological Office says this is likely to happen again within weeks. As always, the industry has shown its resilience, with most sites remaining open. But, even where sites have not closed, such extreme weather affects productivity as people leave work early or need longer breaks.

Depending on the terms of the contract, it may be possible that additional time or money is available… 

You’ll find the full article online here.