Matt Lindsay recently joined the team at ConstructionCast. In this episode, the team look at the role of experts and recent issues in expert evidence. Matt spoke with Jessica Stephens QC of 4 Pump Court and Dan Miles of Aquila Forensics. Stuart Wilks of Limeslade chaired the brief discussion on issues ranging from the importance of impartiality in expert evidence to how to identify a good expert and where to find them.

You can watch the full video below or on the Limeslade YouTube channel:

Jessica opens the discussion with a look at the different types of expert evidence. She discusses whether ‘hot tubbing‘ is preferable to traditional cross-examination of experts. The team discuss whether an expert should be selected for their sympathy to the views of a case and to what extent experts should be entirely impartial and ensure their duty to the court or tribunal is not compromised at all. Furthermore, when should you disclose to the tribunal, hospitality and existing relationships between experts and legal teams? At what point does normal business development cross the threshold of impartiality and conflicts of interest?

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