Strategic Project Programme

Chronos Consult assesses each project using our extensive experience. Using the information provided to take into account the design process, procurement, location, construction methodology, logistics & constraints.

This will then form the basis of the outline programme, methodology document & high level logistics plan.  We then work with you to reduce any programme risks within the development and ensure the most efficient solutions are achieved.

All programmes are produced using as-built rates and benchmarked against similar projects, where possible. This helps to ensure an accurate reflection of the period required.

Tender Programmes

We can cater for all tendering scenarios and proactively work with bidding teams. We make use of information available to produce a robust and realistic tender programme.

We ensure the programme takes into account any contractual & planning requirements as well as integrating the design, procurement and construction elements.  From this critical elements will be identified & communicated clearly to you.

The tender programme is supported with a detailed logistics plan, methodology document and if requested phased drawings to visually communicate the build sequence.  Depending on the tender & model available 4D planning can be implemented.

All programmes are produced using as-built rates and benchmarked against similar projects where possible to ensure an accurate reflection of the period required.

Baseline Construction Programmes

Ensure you have in-depth construction programmes with milestones, pre-construction activities, procurement, and all activities necessary to cover the scope of work on a particular project.

Most contractors are capable of putting together a schedule that can be used to manage construction to some degree, but many programmes have serious flaws that reduce the programme’s use both as a management tool and as a means for measuring progress. Even if the original schedule has been prepared using the best practices the updates are often incomplete and lack detail especially as work scope changes change the original sequencing.

Programme monitoring and Project Support

Continual programme development is essential to ensure project success. As the project progresses and more knowledge & detail is ascertained the original logic may need to be revisited. Adjustments should be made to reflect the current sequence and methodologies.

We commit to regularly monitor and update the construction programme. This ensures that if changes occur we can work with you to mitigate them in enough time to avoid any delay to the completion date and advice the project teams on the critical activities.

With practical experience in delivering projects, we appreciate the distractions that the day-to-day activities can have on the project team. We work closely with the project teams and offer support to help you focus on the critical items. Ensure you and your team break down the project to communicate key messages.

Project Controls

At Chronos Consult we strive to improve live project reporting & provide consistent onsite programme support.

We will implement for you a project specific reporting structure that captures the KPI’s (key performance indicators), key milestones & production rates (planned vs actual).  With this information updated at regular intervals, trends can be analysed & potential problems identified earlier. In turn they can be rectified with little or no programme impact.

Depending on the project type we can implement other reporting formats to communicate programme information. These might include design & procurement trackers, cladding dashboards, structural dashboards, fit out trackers, delay schedule and contractor performance reports.  With the early identification of delays we will look at multiple what-if scenarios & opportunities to mitigate and improve the situation which will then be communicated & discussed with the project team.

Additional Project Planning Services


In all the projects we work on we will look at the site logistics in detail.  Depending on the stage of the project we can indicate the logistics strategy in different levels of detail.  The overall strategy is always communicated on a marked up layout drawing. Depending on the level of detail of the information this can be in either 2D or 3D.  We are comfortable in developing the solutions with the supply chain to ensure the most current plant, technologies & equipment are employed within the solution.

Hook Time Analysis

Due to the importance of getting the right logistics strategy from the offset we can assess in detail the crane requirements concentrating on the peak usage periods.  This will demonstrate if there is enough lifting capacity for the crane to achieve the anticipated programme output and to ensure there is no programme delay. If an issue is identified alternative methods can be explored to increase the efficiency of the site.

Resource Loaded Programmes

As well as producing detailed programmes we can also allocate labour resource to the activities to either forecast the approximate numbers that will be required throughout the project or detail out the exact resource required to complete an activity within the allocated period.  This will give an early indication of any potential stresses within the programme and aid the project team.