There are many different methods of analysis for delay in construction projects. All have their own advantages and disadvantages and are implemented depending upon a number of factors. For a very detailed assessment of various methods, this document from the AACEI provides some advice. One of the commonly used methods is the As Planned -v- As Built.

We have put together the following video, which we hope will become part of a series, looking at different methods of analysis and making them a little more simple to understand.

The video looks at the as-planned -v- as-built methodology for analysis. As you will see, this takes a relatively straightforward view of an example project. But, in the top screen you will see a visualisation of the project underway, and in the lower part of the screen you can see a representation of the analysis. Finally, the video ends with the key steps in the analysis of delay which are:

  • Establish the Baseline Programme
  • Develop the As-Built Programme
  • Determine the As-Built Critical Path
  • Establish Periods of Delay to Key Activities
  • Establish the Causes of Delay

We hope the video helps to explain some of the concepts of delay analysis – if you need any particular help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly.